Ravi Vatrapu, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School

Dear Social Semantic,

I am writing to commend the vision, effort, and impact of Social Semantic’s Social Media Fact Book 2011 and the on-going Social Media Fact Book 2012 project.

Social Semantic and its network of collaborators are providing valuable information on the current state of understanding, adoption, and use of social media in organizational settings in both the private and public sectors. Such an annual mapping exercise is the first step towards strategic use of social media for generating competitive advantages, increasing operational efficiencies, and addressing the managerial challenges in a dynamic but uncertain world of today and tomorrow.

We wish you the best of luck in the future and look forward to continuing the great collaboration with Social Semantic and its partners.

Best Regards,


Ravi Vatrapu
Director, Computational Social Science Laboratory (CSSL)
Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology Management
Copenhagen Business School
Howitzvej 60 2.10, Frederiksberg, DK-2000, Denmark
Phone:+45-2479-4315 | Skype: rvatrapu | Email: vatrapu@cbs.dk
Web: http://www.itu.dk/people/rkva/


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